Digital core banking
built in Indonesia for the world

Banktavia is a complete feature rich end to end digital core banking system with expertise in Indonesian banking but easily customized for the world

Trusted by customers and partners at the top echelon of Indonesian Business

Banking Core

Digital core banking platform that is fully modular and based on the micro-services architecture


QRIS platform that has been proven operationally and is production ready, also compliant with BI regulations

Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology that can be used in digital E-KYC process and can be hosted easily and locally

In App Video Call

Video call built into the user application to enable easy E-KYC or customer verification


Complete back office for full management of customers, products, reports and staff authentication

API Gateway

Extend your bank into a greater eco-system through a clean API that is safe and secure and also easy to integrate

Our goal
is to help you

In the ever changing world of financial technology and banking. Our goal is to help you standout and digitize quicker, faster and cheaper. Speak with our team today and get an understanding of how you can stay ahead of the curb and expand your technology and business further

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