The team can provide a number of services to your institution after the system has been implemented. If you want to fully support the system as well as development or would like us to take care of the whole thing, we can provide the arrangement that suites you best

Joint Development

Open API's allow your team to build additional apps, tools and technologies on-top of Banktavia. Development collaboration between our team and your engineers is a great way to expand your technology efficiently

Full Retainer Development

Have our team on call to develop whatever requirements you have. We can work on a retainer model where any form of development can be execute by our team either in the core or surrounding systems

All self Development

If your team is already well versed in the API's full handover for additional development can be done solely within your own team. Based on the open API's integration to 3rd party systems or new systems should be an easy and efficient process

Dev ops deployment process

Push Code & Unit test

  1. Run unit test
  2. Build Binary
  3. Pull to next envirolment
  4. Auto deployment till preprod
  5. DevOps manual deployment in prod

QA Execution

  1. Run Automated regression tests on old important functional
  2. Run manual tests on newly developed features
  3. Performance test will auto execute on few critical features

Manual Trigger

Infrastructure & Cloud Technologies

Our team has worked with a number of cloud, database, hardware and operator products and built large scale systems upon them