Get operation model you need

We have different pricing models that can help suite your requirements, whether you want to have a fully managed service , no longer worry about your own infrastructure or you have a team that can fully manage the technology , we have the right plan for you

Fully Cloud Hosted

Bank As a Service, fully managed cloud with no infrastructure investment

Zero on premise IT staff , or IT team needed, use and forget

No IT operations or hardware infrastructure needed

Partly Cloud Hosted & On Premise

Hybrid solution using on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure

Have an IT team to managed only your most private or critical data

Split your services into cloud hosted or on-premise hosted

Fully on Premise

Full flexibility to all aspects of the system by the bank

Manage all aspects of the solution from the team , development and deployment processes

For those with an already existing IT team, full on premise solution is recommended

Operation Model
On Cloud

Using the on cloud model, the business model is based on an operating structure, this is based on user count, transaction count and other various parameters that can be discussed providing you with a flexible way to provide banking to your customers

On Premise

On premise deployment is based on a installation , license and maintenance model , this may include development and engineering in addition to regular monitoring and performance monitoring