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Banktavia also has a suite of banking products that are already active in some of the largest banks in Indonesia. These platforms can be used in addition to the core banking platform to enhance the banking experience

Merchant Acquiring Technology

Provide merchant application that is based on the latest mobile technologies. QR codes are now the norm for payments and can replace all the existing card EDC's that are currently present. Users can now pay directly from their mobile banking or e-money applications.

Merchant Card Process

If card payments are still required a hybrid system can be developed using mobile QR technology and mobile card acceptance mini EDC technologies

End to end Payment Technology

End to end e-money technology that provides all customer functionality such as bill payments, cashout to banks, transfer between users and payments at all QRIS supported merchants. Management teams can view reports , manage users and manage customers

Asset management data Analytics

Provide a platform to manage and visualize data into segments, groups and time scales. Group the most important data that shows the most important aspects of your business and investments

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