Front end stack used

Banktavia uses the latest in open, front end technologies that are easily supported and extendable by your developers. The technologies are native to each platform preventing the case where technology stacks go out of date and out of fashion. We use native to ensure best performance and future proofing


Back end stack used

Banktavia uses the latest back end technologies support by the majority of contemporary developers. Technologies used are also open , easy to understand and highly extensible.


Ultra fast webserver to manage domain and subdomain request coming from load balancers and external sources.

API Gateway

API gateway used to managed and consolidate request to backend micro services. Provides header checking, filtering and routing.

Core Apps

Core applications written in Pytavia framework based on Python snd Flask. Ultra fast micro services framework and easy development.

API Gateway

Core database using MongoDB. Latest in database technology for rapid development and fast access. Clean dev standards to ensure stability and structured information.